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Roomba 700 Series Vacuum Cleaning Robot
Roomba 700 Series Quick Start Guide
Getting Roomba ready to go, understanding how it works and learning about maintenance and accessories.
Your Roomba
  • Infrared Sensor
  • Faceplate
  • Bin Release Button
  • Bin
  • Battery Charging Jack
  • Left Side Wheel Module
  • Right Side Wheel Module
  • Contact Points for Home Base (selected models)
  • Edge-Cleaning Side Brush
  • Removable Caster Wheel
  • Cliff Sensors
  • Dirt Detect™
  • Troubleshooting Light
  • DOCK Button
  • CLEAN/Power Button
  • Anti-Tangle Light
  • SPOT Button
  • Main Brush
  • Flapper Brush
  • Brush Bearing
  • Brush Cage
  • Brush Cage Release Tabs
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Side view Roomba Bottom View Roomba Top View Brushes, Brush Cage Auto Virtual Wall® Remote Control Convenient Handle On-Board Scheduling Compact Home Base®
Side view
Roomba Bottom View
Roomba Top View
Brushes, Brush Cage
Auto Virtual Wall® - Stop Roomba from getting into off-limit areas with a quick set-up of a Virtual Wall (each Virtual Wall emits an invisible beam that Roomba will not cross.)
Remote Control - Turn Roomba on and off and steer it around the room, all from this simple remote control.
Convenient Handle - Roomba’s handle blends right into its modern design, but is easily accessible to carry Roomba from room to room.
On-Board Scheduling - Scheduling Roomba is so easy – you can set up to seven times per week for Roomba to clean, even when you’re not home!
Compact Home Base® - Everyone needs a place to rest and recharge after a job well done. Roomba is no different. When Roomba’s done cleaning or its battery is running low, it will return to its Home Base to get ready for the next job.
Instructional Videos
  • About Roomba
    • Getting Started
    • How Roomba Cleans
  • Operation
    • Battery Charging & Storage
    • Battery Removal
    • Cleaning Bins
    • Clock/Scheduling
    • How Roomba Works
    • Cleaning Modes
  • Accessories
    • Compact Home Base® (charging station)
    • Virtual Wall® Lighthouse TM
    • Remote Control
    • Virtual Wall
  • Maintenance
    • Replaceable Modules
    • Troubleshooting
    • Cleaning Bins & Brushes
  • Quick Start Video
    • Quick Start Video
Getting Started - Getting started with Roomba: a quick, high-level guide to your new vacuum cleaning robot.
How Roomba Cleans - Learn how Roomba cleans your entire floor, including hard-to-reach areas, under and around furniture and along wall edges.
Battery Charging & Storage - Roomba comes with a rechargeable battery. Learn how to read its status and get proper charging and battery storage instructions.
Battery Removal - Learn how and when to remove Roomba’s battery.
Cleaning Bins - Your Roomba 700 Series Robot comes with a powerful AeroVac™ Series 2 Bin for everyday use. An additional high-capacity bin can be purchased for bigger jobs.
Clock/Scheduling - Learn how to set Roomba’s clock and schedule Roomba to clean when it’s convenient for you.
How Roomba Works - See how Roomba vacuums your carpets and hard floors, automatically adjusting between floor types and avoiding stairs and other drop-offs.
Cleaning Modes - Understand Roomba’s three cleaning modes: clean, spot and scheduled clean.
Compact Home Base® (charging station) - Instructions on how to set up Roomba’s Home Base®, Roomba’s go-to spot when it’s done cleaning or when its battery is running low.
Virtual Wall® Lighthouse TM - See how a Virtual Wall Lighthouse enables sequential room-to-room cleaning. The Lighthouse can also be used to contain Roomba in one room.
Remote Control - Now you can take control of Roomba. With the remote, you can turn Roomba on and off, steer it around the room and choose the cleaning mode.
Virtual Wall - Learn how to set up a Virtual Wall in your home to tell Roomba which areas to clean and which areas to avoid.
Replaceable Modules - Many of Roomba’s components are modular and can be replaced. See how.
Troubleshooting - Roomba uses voice commands and a troubleshooting light to tell you there’s a problem.
Cleaning Bins & Brushes - Keeping Roomba running at peak performance is easy. Follow these simple maintenance steps.
Quick Start Video - Getting Roomba ready to go, understanding how it works and learning about maintenance and accessories.
Available Accessories
Because Roomba is a real, hard-working appliance that comes in daily contact with dirt and dust, regular maintenance will be necessary. Keeping Roomba running at peak performance is easy to do – just always be sure to use official iRobot Parts & Accessories.
Compact Home Base Remote Control Virtual Wall Lighthouse Brush Cleaning Tool 700 Series Replenish Kit Automatic Virtual Wall Avanced Power System (APS) Battery
Compact Home Base

Make vacuuming even easier. Get a Home Base for each floor of your home. That way, when vacuuming upstairs or downstairs, Roomba is always ready to dock and recharge for its next job.
Remote Control

Roomba is a master at adapting to its environment and knowing exactly where it needs to clean. But sometimes it’s fun to take control and steer Roomba around the room yourself. Grab an extra remote now (you know how easy it is to lose track of them).
Virtual Wall Lighthouse

Living room. Kitchen. Dining room. Roomba’ multi-room navigation feature gets you clean floors throughout your home. Make sure you have enough Virtual Walls to guide Roomba from room to room.
Brush Cleaning Tool

Keeping Roomba’s bristle brush free from hair will not only optimize its cleaning performance, but also helps prolong battery life. Get one for upstairs and one for downstairs.
700 Series Replenish Kit

Your Roomba 700 Series Robot comes with everything it needs to start working, but just like any appliance, regular maintenance is necessary. This handy replenish kit includes everything you might need including extra filters, brushes and a brush cleaning tool.
Automatic Virtual Wall

Have multiple areas you want Roomba to stay out of? Purchase additional Virtual Walls to set up your off-limit areas now. And remember, Auto Virtual Walls are always on, so you don’t have to remember to turn them on and off.
Avanced Power System (APS) Battery

It’s always a great idea to keep an extra battery on hand. If you have a large home and Roomba’s battery is running low, you can just switch them out and Roomba can continue vacuuming for you.