j7 featuers

A powerful clean, effortlessly.

Leading proprietary innovations, such as 3-Stage Cleaning, Dual Multi-Surface Brushes, Dirt Detect™ Sensors, and unique Edge-Sweeping Brush allow our robots to handle tougher messes and provide a powerful clean without lifting a finger.

Clean base bag comparison

Clean Base® Automatic Dirt Disposal

You don’t have to touch dust and dirt for up to 60 days when your Roomba® robot vacuum with Clean Base® Automatic Dirt Disposal empties itself into an enclosed bag.

i3+ Comparison

Dual Multi-Surface Rubber Brushes

Instead of a single bristle brush, Roomba® robot vacuums use dual rubber brushes that work together to pick up pet hair without getting tangled.

Roomba j7

Dirt Detect™ Technology

Areas where cleaning is needed most, like the high-traffic areas of your home, get the Roomba® robot vacuum’s focus thanks to Dirt Detect™ sensors only from iRobot.

Adapts to your life, thoughtfully.

iRobot OS thoughtfully learns the rhythm of your routine and keeps learning. From analyzing your preferences to syncing with other smart devices, our products bring new levels of intelligence that fit seamlessly into your life, so you can forget about cleaning and focus on the things that really matter.

j7+ iRobot OS overlay

Clean by Object

Instead of just a basic clean setting, Imprint™ Smart Mapping enabled robots can be directed to clean a specific spot, like under the dining room table, using your iRobot Home App or voice assistant*.

m6 with smart map

Clean While You’re Away

With iRobot OS, you can choose to set your robot to start cleaning when you leave and stop when you come home.

j7 detection

Object Detection

Roomba® j7+ robot uses PrecisionVision Navigation to identify and avoid obstacles like pet accidents, charging cords, socks and shoes in real time.

j7 with app overlay

Endless possibilities, personalized.

Clean exactly the way you want to with the iRobot Home App powered by iRobot OS. Create a multi-level detailed map of your home, custom routines, enjoy seasonal suggestions and intuitive smart home integration with voice assistant activation* so you have customized cleaning control in the palm of your hand.

j7 with dog laying

Everything you care about, covered

Dependability backed by service—that’s the iRobot promise. We make robots that last, designed with you in mind and backed by responsive customer service. If you ever need help, knowledgeable Customer Care agents are available by phone or email to quickly answer your questions, so you can rest easy knowing you and your home are covered.

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Past innovations, empowering the future.

For more than 30 years innovation has been hardwired into everything we do. We bring this innovation to you by designing and building robots to enhance life for you and your family.

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