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Make an impact on the future.

Are you looking to be challenged to go outside the norm and think differently? We are looking for early career talent who can imagine the extraordinary and bring it to life. At iRobot, you’ll find ways that robotics can positively impact how people live. With your contribution we are shaping the future.

Qiana Curcuru
- From Intern to iRobot Engineer

“I worked with the mechanical engineers and we help develop the mechanical components of the latest in robot cleaning technology. I was able to connect my projects back to the classroom, a lot of the concepts were transferable from what I learned in class. Anyone even just considering going into the co-op program, don't even double think it, definitely just enroll. I'm so glad I had this experience because I've gained so much confidence in myself and in my major and where I want to be ten years from now.”

~ Qiana Curcuru, University of Massachusetts Lowell

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Rohith Prasad

University of Utah, Class of 2016
Masters in Computing (Robotics)

“As a Software intern, I interacted with potential-customers and listened to their feedback, which completely changed my perspective on how customers think vs engineers and what I needed to do to deliver a product that the customers loved.

Robotics is fun and when that fun helps change lives, it’s a rewarding experience with nothing in comparison and seeing how Roomba helps make lives better was the motivation I needed. Soon I will be joining the team as an Associate Software engineer, building cool stuff that changes lives.”

Tori Adams

Northeastern University, Class of 2018
Entrepreneurship and Mathematics Minor

“On the e-commerce sales team, my favorite part of my job was creating and executing site promotions through email blasts and our affiliate channels. My goal was always to increase brand awareness and drive sales.

I am in awe of iRobot’s entrepreneurial spirit and how relatively new the home robotics category is and yet the name is increasingly becoming 'mainstream.' As an entrepreneurship major, I am honored to work at such an innovative and successful company.”

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Stephen Eick

Georgia Institute of Technology, Class of 2018
Master of Science, Computer Science

“The software I developed here will bring new features to future iRobot products and provide a foundation for the next generation of robotics navigation software.

Learning from and working with those who built iRobot into the most successful robotics company to date will imbue a class of knowledge and perspective unattainable elsewhere.”

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Bernardo Campos

Carnegie Mellon University, Class of 2016
Mechanical Engineering

“I worked with various teams designing features and subsystems to be integrated into the next line of robots to be released. Additionally, I got to design my own experiments to put many different components through various types of testing. I also ate a lot of cake.

iRobot is the leader of the home robotics industry. This makes for a workplace that is as exciting as it is challenging.”

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Sammantha Firestone

Wentworth Institute of Technology, Class of 2017
Majoring in Electrical Engineering

“In the Systems department, I worked in the Dry Lab doing claims/competitive testing, and worked on re-designing the Dry Lab for improved work flow. All the while, learning from engineers and having fun!

The company's mission statement truly resonated with me in that I strive to learn more and make the world a better place.”

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Immanuel Ampomah Mensah

Northeastern University, Class of 2017
Majoring in Mechanical Engineering and Physics, Minor in Computer Science

“I was met with new challenges every day be it performing mechanical reworks of prototypes or creating parts in CAD, there was always something new and exciting to do.

I chose iRobot because I believed that I would get the widest range of experiences here and be able to work towards developing trend setting technology in consumer robotics.”