Engineering & Technology

As the leading global consumer robotics company, we’re developing best-in-class technology in the areas of mapping and navigation, human-robot interaction, and physical solutions. Our engineering and technology teams design and implement new technologies and features into the next generation of our connected consumer products. Why? To empower people to do more. Come help us build the future of the connected home.

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A place where your work comes to life

No matter if you are an intern or a guru, we believe that the next big idea can come from anyone. And what really gets us pumped up is seeing those ideas come to life in homes across the world.

Principal Software Engineer

“We are able to provide useful products to customers that make a difference in their lives”

– John, Principal Software Engineer

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“It’s fun to take the idea of controlling robots using mobile devices and the internet of things allows people to get more done”

– Ken, Principal Software Engineer

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“My 10% time to explore my interests and ideas really shows iRobot has a pure passion for innovation and robotics and it encourages the engineers to try new things and take risks.”

– John, Manager Software Engineering

Talent Community

We’re passionate about creating and launching robots to make the best possible products for our consumers. We’re looking for top talent to join our team because your contribution is fundamental to all that we do.


Software Engineer

You will make an impact; designing, implementing and testing the software that goes directly into the products of one of the largest consumer robots companies in the world.

Robotics Scientist

(Vision, Navigation and Cloud)
You’ll focus on the design, implementation and testing of robotic algorithms as related to several fields including vision-based, navigation-based and cloud-based.

Program Manager

You will provide technical leadership and management for our software developers and software quality teams.

Electrical Engineer

You’ll design, develop and create world class electrical designs for robotic systems across all of our product lines.

Mechanical Engineer

You’ll design, analyze and make robot prototypes in a manufacturing and consumer product development environment.

System Test

Develop environments and infrastructure for testing the complex software and/or hardware systems used in our consumer robots.

Cloud Software Engineer

(Mobile, Cloud, Connectivity)
You’ll brainstorm new concepts and translate desired functionality into technical requirements to map and build systems within Mobile, Cloud and Connectivity to support this new generation of IoT consumer products.

UX/Industrial Designer

You will be central to delivering on the vision of designs that embrace simplicity, approachability and seamless usability as a means of humanizing robotic technology.

Systems Engineer

You will ensure that the integrated performance of the robot system meets the needs and expectations of the customer.