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  • Dual Mode Virtual Wall®

    Dual Mode Virtual Wall® Barrier lets you manage where your robot cleans. Two modes give you greater control over where your robot cleans.

  • Home Base
    Compact Home Base

    Make vacuuming even easier. Get a Home Base for each floor of your home. That way, when vacuuming upstairs or downstairs, Roomba is always ready to dock and recharge for its next job.

  • Remote Control
    Remote Control

    Roomba is a master at adapting to its environment and knowing exactly where it needs to clean. But sometimes it’s fun to take control and steer Roomba around the room yourself. Grab an extra remote now (you know how easy it is to lose track of them).

  • Virtual Wall Lighthouse
    Virtual Wall® Lighthouse™

    The Virtual Wall Lighthouse uses an invisible infrared signal to guide Roomba through room-to-room cleaning. Contains Roomba in one room until the room is completely vacuumed then directs Roomba to clean the next room. Also blocks off-limit areas in your home.

  • 700 Series Replenishment Kit
    700 Series Replenish Kit

    Your Roomba 700 Series Robot comes with everything it needs to start working, but just like any appliance, regular maintenance is necessary. This handy replenish kit includes everything you might need including extra Dual AeroVac™ filters, brushes and a brush cleaning tool.

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