iRobot Scooba 400 Series Product Resources

Charging Port
Tank Release Button
USB Port
Scooba 450 top view
Battery Cover
Charging Contacts
Cleaning Head Assembly
Dry Debris Brush
Dry Debris Port
Front Caster Wheel
Roller Brush
Roller Brush Cover
Water Distribution Brush
Vacuum Squeegee
Scooba 450 bottom view
Clean Compartment Cap
Dirty Compartment Cap
Scooba 450 tank
Battery Indicator Light
CLEAN/ Power Button
Information Button
LED Status Ring
Room Size Button
Scooba 450 UI

  • Charging Port:

    Connect the power supply to the charging port to recharge your robot.

  • Handle:

    Use the handle to conveniently carry the robot.

  • RCON:

    Scooba uses the RCON to 'sense' the presence of Virtual Walls and avoid them.

  • Tank Release Button:

    Press this button to release the tank from the robot.

  • USB Port:

    Use this USB port to update the robot firmware if required.

  • Battery Cover:

    To access the battery compartment for your Scooba robot, remove this cover. You can use a coin to turn the cover knobs.

  • Charging Contacts:

    Scooba uses these contacts to charge from the Scooba DryDock Charging and Drying Stand.

  • Cleaning Head Assembly:

    The cleaning head assembly integrates a vacuum, fluid distributor, scrubbing brush and squeegee for a combination of wet and dry cleaning action.

  • Dry Debris Brush:

    The dry debris brush sweeps loose debris up and away from your floor in preparation for scrubbing.

  • Dry Debris Port:

    Loose, dry debris is swept towards the dry debris port and vacuumed into the tank.

  • Front Caster Wheel:

    This removable wheel allows your Scooba robot to navigate in tight spaces. Pull out gently to remove any accumulation of hair or debris.

  • Roller Brush:

    Open the roller brush cover to release the roller brush for cleaning. To open the roller brush cover, squeeze the blue and yellow finger grips together.

  • Roller Brush Cover:

    Open the roller brush cover to release the roller brush for cleaning. To open the roller brush cover, squeeze the blue and yellow finger grips together.

  • Water Distribution Brush:

    The water distribution brush lays down an even sheen of cleaning solution to soak into stuck-on messes.

  • Vacuum Squeegee:

    The vacuum squeegee lifts dirty water from the floor. Be sure to rinse the interior regularly by opening the roller brush cover.

  • Clean Compartment Cap:

    Remove the blue clean compartment cap by twisting counterclockwise to fill the clean compartment with clean, cool water. The cap is also a handy measuring cup for iRobot Hard Floor Cleaner.

  • Dirty Compartment Cap:

    Remove the gray dirty compartment cap by twisting counterclockwise to empty the compartment of dirty water at the completion of a cleaning cycle.

  • Battery Indicator Light:

    The battery indicator light provides information on the charge of the battery. When it appears red or yellow, charge your Scooba. When it appears green, your Scooba is ready to get to work!

  • CLEAN/ Power Button:

    When Scooba is off, press to turn it on. When Scooba is on, press to start cleaning cycle.

  • Information Button:

    Press the information button to hear about Scooba's current state and how to use Scooba.

  • LED Status Ring:

    The LED status ring lights up in succession to tell you how far Scooba has progressed through the selected cleaning cycle.

  • Room Size Button:

    Press the room size button to toggle between small and large room cycles.