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  • Two Operational Modes
  • 4-Stage Auger With Suite Of Auger Parts
  • Detachable Handle/ Remote Control
  • Bi-Directional Movement
  • High Velocity
  • Cleans 30-Foot Section Of Gutter In 50 Minutes
  • Waterproof In Up To Eight Inches Of Water
  • Rugged Treads
  • Gutter Measurements
  • Gutter Types
  • Belt Clip
  • Fast Clean-Up
  • Storage Case
  • Warranty
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Two Operational Modes Looj 330 can be used in either manual mode or automatic CLEAN mode. Manual mode allows you to control the robot. In CLEAN mode, just push the CLEAN button and Looj travels down your gutter on its own, sensing and adapting to debris to provide the most effective cleaning.
4-Stage Auger With Suite Of Auger Parts The included 4-stage auger is made up of the breaker, ejectors, breaker bars and sturdy polypropylene sweepers. Another set of smaller, more compact ejectors is also included.
Detachable Handle/ Remote Control Removable handle is also the remote control which gives you complete forward and backward control of the robot, as well as access to the new automatic CLEAN mode. You can also control the spin direction of the auger to toss debris away from your roof.
Bi-Directional Movement Looj moves in both forward and backward directions (backing up at twice its forward speed). You also control the spin direction of the auger, so debris is propelled out of the gutter and away from your home.
High Velocity The 4-stage auger spins at 500 RPM to deliver the power needed to dislodge, lift and toss out wet leaves, pine needles and other debris.
Cleans 30-Foot Section Of Gutter In 50 Minutes Looj is able to clean up to a 30-foot section of gutter in 50 minutes, cleaning up to 200 linear feet per battery charge.
Waterproof In Up To Eight Inches Of Water

The robot itself is waterproof* in up to eight inches of water. The handle/remote control is not waterproof, so it needs to be removed before cleaning.

* Looj 300 series is waterproof in up to 8" of water with the battery door properly sealed.
Rugged Treads Rugged, flexible polymer treads provide traction to move the robot through your gutter.
Gutter Measurements Looj 330 measures in at just under 2” high and 3” wide. We recommend that you measure the height clearance of your gutter straps from the bottom of the gutter to the bottom of the straps. For a measurement template, click here.
Gutter Types Looj 330 is able to fit in more gutters, including most K-style aluminum, copper, metal or vinyl gutters.
Belt Clip The included belt clip allows you to keep both hands on the ladder while climbing up and down.

Fast Clean-Up For a quick clean-up, simply hose the robot off. Be sure to remove the remote control handle before cleaning.
Storage Case This optional case conveniently stores Looj and all its accessories in one spot.
Warranty iRobot believes in and stands behind all of our products. That's why all items purchased from our online store come with a 30-day, money-back satisfaction guarantee. In addition, we offer a one-year manufacturer’s limited warranty on all of our robots.