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iRobot® 310 SUGV

Perform dismounted mobile operations...
Operate in a variety of conditions and weather...
Keep personnel and civilians at safe stand-off distances...

310 SUGV, the robot for dismounted EOD missions, features a highly dexterous manipulator for investigating and neutralizing suspicious objects.

  • Surveillance / Reconnaissance
  • Bomb Disposal / EOD (IEDs / VBIEDs / UXO)
  • Checkpoints / Inspections / Explosives Detection
GSA Schedule

Key Features

  • Dexterous Manipulator
  • Modular Design
Designed for explosive hazard identification and disposal, the manipulator extends 24 inches and has a lifting capacity of 7 pounds through the full range of motion. The turret rotates 360 degrees, allowing for precision targeting and placement of disruptors.
Adaptable and expandable, 310 SUGV accommodates a wide range of optional payloads and sensors that enable multiple missions.