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For HazMat Technicians

Safely detect and inspect hazardous materials…
Keep personnel and civilians at safe stand-off distances…
Identify IEDs and unexploded ordnance...

510 PackBot for HazMat Technicians detects and identifies dangerous chemical, radiological and organic compounds, providing warfighters, first responders and SWAT teams with critical information on a range of missions:

  • Hazardous Material Detection
  • Surveillance / Reconnaissance
  • Route Clearance
  • Bomb Disposal / EOD (IEDs / VBIEDs / UXOs)

iRobot’s 510 PackBot CBRNe PDF Icon
iRobot 510 PackBot in Fukushima Daiichi

Key Features

  • HazMat Sensors
  • Real-Time Data
Detect oxygen levels, temperature/humidity, explosive gases and vapors, volatile organic compounds, gamma radiation, toxic industrial chemicals and chemical warfare agents.
Sensor data gathered by the robot is displayed on the operator control unit in real time.