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for First Responders

Get situational awareness in hostage situations...
Gain the tactical advantage on SWAT missions...
Protect first responders and the community from danger...

510 PackBot for First Responders provides SWAT teams, bomb squads, HAZMAT units and other emergency personnel with situational awareness in dangerous scenarios:
  • SWAT / First Responders / Bomb Squads
  • Bomb Disposal / EOD (IEDs / VBIEDs / UXO)
  • Surveillance / Reconnaissance
  • Checkpoints / Inspections / Explosives Detection
GSA Schedule

Key Features

  • Disrupter Flexibility
  • Lightweight Operator Control Unit
Accommodates disrupters from the leading manufacturers, as well as the Duke Pro Shock Tube Initiator.
Light and ruggedized, the OCU and game-style hand controller enable easy and precise operation by emergency personnel.