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For EOD Technicians

Identify and neutralize roadside bombs, car bombs and other IEDs...
Protect bomb squad technicians and ground troops from danger...
Defeat a variety of ordnance and SWAT threats...

510 PackBot for EOD Technicians quickly adapts to a variety of IED, conventional ordnance and SWAT missions:
  • Bomb Disposal / EOD (IEDs / VBIEDs / UXO)
  • Checkpoints / Inspections / Explosives Detection
  • Route Clearance

Key Features

The strong manipulator lifts up to 30 pounds with the arm in a compact position. The turret rotates 360 degrees, allowing for precision targeting and placement of disruptors.
A pan-tilt-zoom camera with 312x zoom enables optimal surveillance, even in low light. A drive camera allows for forward, rear and downward views. Two arm cameras provide enhanced views and operation.
Allows the electrical initiation of pyrotechnic devices over a secure, encrypted safe firing system.