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iRobot Ava® Mobile Robotics Platform

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  • Autonomous Navigation Capabilities
  • Localizing and Mapping
  • Payload
  • User Interface Options
  • Software Application Flexibility
  • Scalable and Upgradeable
  • Charging
  • Environment
Autonomous Navigation Capabilities Allows iRobot Ava Mobile Robotics Platform to safely navigate and travel to selected destinations without requiring user guidance, while safely maneuvering to avoid bumping into people and other objects.
Localizing and Mapping Using an advanced sensor suite, including 3-D, laser and sonar, the robot automatically maps its own environment.
Payload Supports 3rd party developed hardware, including displays, tablets, pads, phones and various sensors.
User Interface Options Touch, voice, gesture, person-following, devices, etc.
Software Application Flexibility Open APIs using HTTP, Aware® 2 software, etc.
Scalable and Upgradeable Software platform protects development investment in technology.
Charging Autonomous recharging on charging station.
Environment Indoor.