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Semi-Autonomous Operations




  • Develop an advanced self-navigating mobile robotics platform.
  • Support the development of practical applications in healthcare, manufacturing, retail, education and other markets.
  • Help robot designers, application developers and market innovation specialists develop affordable mobile robotic solutions.
  • Combine an open platform and a tablet-device interface.
  • Detect and avoid people, objects and hazards, including stairs.
  • Integrate touch, voice and gesture control.
  • Take advantage of technological advancements in wireless connectivity, computational horsepower, artificial intelligence, sensors and power efficiency.
Ava, a prototype of one of the world’s most advanced mobile robotics platforms, uses multiple sensors for autonomous self-navigation.




  • Develop semi-autonomous capabilities for UGVs, including retro-traverse, click-to-drive and self-righting.
  • Increase situational awareness for robot operators.
  • Reduce manpower needs for missions.
  • Conduct user assessments and incorporate the feedback.

AwareHead provides UGVs with semi-autonomous functionality designed to increase situational awareness and reduce manpower needs on missions.

Dynamo: A Model Transition Framework for Dynamic Stability Control and Body Mass Manipulation



  • Develop Model Transition Control (MTC) framework for Dynamic Stability Control (DSC) of small, high-speed Unmanned Ground Vehicles (UGVs).
  • Develop Dynamic Transitional Learning (DTL) algorithm for rapid learning of robot behaviors.
  • Develop MTC DSC behavior using DTL for simulated high-speed vehicles.
  • Develop rollover prevention behavior for the iRobot® PackBot®.
  • Develop active weight shifting behavior for PackBot.

With Dynamo, a Model Transition Control framework for Dynamic Stability Control of small, high-speed UGVs, robots use Dynamic Transitional Learning.




  • Integrate the Stingray prototype of the iRobot® PackBot® with a Chatten Head-Aimed Remote Viewer (HARV).
  • Develop semi-autonomous driver assist behaviors that increase stability and reduce the cognitive load on the robot operator.
  • Demonstrate immersive teleoperation at high speeds.

Stingray uses semi-autonomous driver assist behaviors at high speeds, reducing the workload for the robot operator.