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Collaborative Systems



  • Design a small, intelligent and inexpensive mobile communications robot.
  • Include tracks and flippers to traverse a range of terrain and overcome obstacles.
  • Enable the rapid, on-demand establishment of a reliable communications network in areas with no existing fixed infrastructure.
  • Operate in urban environments where other small robots often get trapped by relatively minor barriers.
  • Perform surveillance, reconnaissance and other investigative tasks.
  • Minimize weight, materials and manufacturing costs.
LANdroid robots, about the same size and mass as a paperback book, enable the rapid establishment of a reliable communications network in a dense urban area.

UAV-UUV Collaboration



  • Gain a tactical advantage using UAVs and UUVs in collaboration.
  • Detect, identify, track and locate threats in hostile environments.
  • Develop the supporting collaborative architectures and supervisory control interfaces to support a combined UAV-UGV team that shares relative target information to track and pursue an operator-designated target of interest.
  • Use collaborative software to enable the Raven UAV and iRobot® PackBot® UGV to autonomously execute mission goals while reducing operator workload, allowing the effective management of critical mission events and the high-level retasking of the individual unmanned vehicles.
  • Extend the development of technologies supporting UAV-UGV collaboration to other unmanned systems, enabling the PackBot to be a coordinated and integrated participant in other UAV-UGV teaming missions.
  • Evaluate existing multi-agent and coordination systems to facilitate appropriate coordination and synchronization between manned and unmanned assets during mission execution.
  • Identify critical functions and metrics for the successful accomplishment of a collaborative unmanned system target engagement.
  • Execute missions with high levels of precision, multi-point reconnaissance and rapid tempo.
  • Protect troops from mortal danger.

A UAV-UGV team performs collaborative target engagement, sharing information and autonomously executing mission goals.
iRobot 510 PackBot examines vehicle for IEDs