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What People Are Saying About The Robots...

International Houswares Association
Innovation Winner (Roomba 880)
Product Design Award Winner (Roomba 880)
Red Dot
Product Design Award – Roomba 880 (2014)
Red Dot
Product Design Award – Scooba 450 (2014)
Boston Best Business 2012
Boston Magazine
The Boston Globe
Globe 100
Boston Globe Award
Edison Awards
2013 Nominee (Looj 330)
Excellence In Design
Design Award (2012)
Exellence in Design 2012
Boston Business Journal
Most Admired Companies, CEOs & Brands for 2012
BBJ Award
Red Dot
Design Award – Scooba 230 (2012)
Red Dot Award 2012
Good Housekeeping
Seal (Scooba)
Good Housekeeping Award
Technology Fast 500 (North America)
Technology Fast Award
Time Magazine
Most Amazing Inventions (Scooba)
Time Award


"iRobot has developed a simple, rugged, and reliable form factor that can be adapted for several different purposes."
IEEE Spectrum, 03/23/11
"You throw this little guy through a high window, and it survives the 5m drop, no problem. It’s got a camera and two-way audio communications, so you can get eyes on the ground and you can talk with anybody you happen to run into without putting a person in harm’s way."
Gizmodo, 01/08/12
"[FirstLook] could be used to survey areas too small for Marines, like crawl spaces, culverts or caves. And just because the robots are small doesn’t mean they’re dainty. They can be thrown through glass and survive significant drops."
— Marine Corps Times
"The FirstLook robot can be thrown through a window and then provide reconnaissance of villages and urban environments with its four cameras."
Mashable, 11/10/10


"The SUGV was dropped into a concrete tunnel about 20 feet deep. It maintained its link to its operator. And that, one of the solders said, was what it was all about. He wouldn’t have to crawl through a tunnel …hoping there weren’t any booby traps or insurgents waiting for him."
— DOD Buzz
"The FCS SUGV is state-of-the-art and the most advanced military robot in use by Soldiers."
— US Army Acquisition Support Center Dave McCartney
"SUGV is probably the best [equipment] of the CP 11 that we have. It gives us a better stand-off to actually see what's coming up ahead rather than put actual soldiers up in the front and be surprised. The SUGV actually does save lives."
— Sgt. 1st Class Jason Ramsay of Scout Platoon Headquarters Company, 2nd Infantry Battalion in army.mil
"This robot definitely would help by giving you an early warning with possible IED positions and in buildings in hostile areas."
— U.S. Army Soldier
"The SUGV exceeded the image transfer requirement for the test. It also increased the distance it can recognize personnel in daylight by almost 700 percent and met the distance recognition requirement at twilight."
Boeing Media Room, 08/12/10


"PackBot was ready like cup noodles...PackBots were the obvious choice to explore the No. 1 plant's shattered, radiation-saturated reactor units."
Japan Times, 01/06/12
"There’s a lot on the line because this isn’t just a robot. This machine represents another chance that you guys have to remain safe.  This could represent several lives, the loss of this robot."
Bomb Patrol on G4 Network – Kevin Pereira, host
"PackBot is a military robot that has been on the front lines of the war in Afghanistan, the rocky rubble of the World Trade Center and the radioactive turf of Japan’s nuclear reactors."
— Mashable
"I’m in Iraq right now working at one of the jrrf sites I’m one of the techs over here I work on the packbot and fastac.and we are testing the mini-eod that thing is great. Man you all keep up the good job on the development of the robots they are saving our soldiers lives. Thanks"
PackBot Facebook Page – Sgt. Kevin Scheller
"The robot is very easy to pick up, especially with the gaming generation. They’ve been using the Xbox and Playstation for many years, and it’s very easy for them to pick up…"
"It means that we don’t have to put soldiers lives’ actually at risk down on top of the IED. We can stay outside of the kill zone and still do our job safely."
CNN Headline News, 11/15/09 - Anchor Richard Lui


"Just like a real soldier is trained to be highly capable in a number of tasks, though, the 710 can actually achieve different goals by having its manipulator arm and tools changed out."
Fast Company, 02/10/12
"Meet the Roomba’s hardcore sibling,” “a significant step forward for military robotics"
Mashable, 02/07/12
"A military robot that does it all."
— Technology Review