Microsoft Sumo Bot
The innovators at Microsoft are always up to something -- this time it's sumo wrestling. Using the iRobot Create platform, developers at the Microsoft Robotics Studio have designed robotic wrestlers. No audio was available, so it's unclear whether they grunt.


Robotic PrinterRobotic Printer
Remember when your parents told you not to write on the walls? Now you can write on the floor! Based on the iRobot Create, this Robotic Printer draws on the floor with paintbrushes, pens, or markers. When someone designs a robot that levitates, you can get back to writing on the walls - and blame it on the robot!

The Rangoli robot draws patterns on the floor using different kinds of powder. The robot uses an iRobot Create for the base and contains parts from an inkjet printer to place the powder on the ground. The recommended powder to be used is called Soji (Coarse whole wheat powder).


Create Robot Laser Tag
Use your iRobot Create to develop a game of remote controlled laser tag. A video camera and wifi connection is added to the top of the Create. Scoring a successful hit (or multiple hits) in a designated area can kill the robot or slow it down.


Bionic Hamster
A hamster is positioned on the back side of the Create robot inside a clear plastic sphere. By running in the sphere, the hamster controls where the robot moves and the robot’s speed.



Adverbot is a robot sales vehicle that drives around a public space displaying ads. It also encourages customers to follow it back to a store. It is adorned with print ads and has a DVD display on its top that shows videos to advertise products.


Robo-Bellhop is your own personal assistant to carry your bags, belongings and groceries so you don’t have to! Add a laundry basket to the Create robot and a virtual wall transmitter to your leg, and you can have the Robo-Bellhop follow you down the street, through the mall, down the hall or wherever you need to go.

Tangible Programming System
This is a demonstration of a programming system for Create designed for elementary school children. Instead of using pictures and words on a computer screen, children construct programs using wooden blocks shaped like jigsaw puzzle pieces. A digital camera translates these physical programs into instructions that are transmitted wirelessly to the Create robot.

Frigemate is the ultimate couch potato companion. By attaching a removable arm to iRobot Create and programming behaviors, this robot navigates to a dock located at the refrigerator, opens the refrigerator door, collects a can and returns to its starting location (you).


Tired of picking up your room? Robomaid is the answer. This is an iRobot Create with a robot arm attached that can sense when there is something on the floor. It uses its gripper/arm to pick up objects.

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