Owner’s Guide
Contains all the information you need to get started with iRobot Create. Includes instructions on how to execute iRobot Create’s demo programs, details on iRobot Create’s hardware, troubleshooting, and available iRobot Create Accessories. Download PDF

Open Interface Specifications
A detailed reference of all the iRobot Create Open Interface commands and specifics on iRobot Create’s physical connections and serial port settings. Download PDF

Command Module Quick Start
A brief tutorial-style guide to get you started with the iRobot Command Module. Download PDF

Command Module Owner’s Manual
A hardware and software reference for the more advanced robot developer. This manual includes all the details you need to actually start programming the iRobot Command Module and become more familiar with Create robot’s available hardware. Includes details on the programming tools you will need and a number of examples upon which you can build. Download PDF

Command Module Example Updates
Currently includes an update to the iRobot Command Module “light” example as well as the original sample programs “drive” and “input” referenced in the iRobot Command Module Owner’s manual. Download Zip file

A terminal program that can be used to download software to the Create robot. Get it now to start programming your Create robot right away. RealTerm is a product of Infogistics Ltd.
Download .exe file

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