• Introducing Roomba®

    Introducing Roomba®

    iRobot is a world-leader in robotics technology, with 20 years’ experience behind us and counting. Roomba, our vacuum cleaning robot, is spearheading the revolution of placing practical and exciting robots into your home.

    The technology we employ in Roomba has been refined year after year since it was launched in 2002 and draws on our  expertise in building industrial robots for deployment across the globe in conflict areas and environmental disasters.

    Roomba is completely autonomous and will vacuum your home effectively and completely automatically.

  • Our 3-stage cleaning process

    Our 3-stage cleaning process

    Roomba uses a patented 3-stage cleaning process to effectively clean your floors, enabling it to pick up a large amount of dust, dirt and debris. This is stored in an integrated bag-less bin and can be easily emptied after each cleaning cycle.

    Rollover the green hotspots on the right to learn more about our patented cleaning technology.
  • iAdapt®


    Roomba uses iAdapt® Responsive Cleaning Technology, our advanced system of software and sensors that actively responds to the environment to make intelligent cleaning decisions in the real world. It’s the most actively intuitive technology of its kind, monitoring its surroundings over 60 times per second and responding in real time with more than 40 different mobility behaviours.  Explicit behaviours ensure effective cleaning – light touch bumper, wall follow, escape behaviour, clutter navigation and Dirt Detect™.

    Because iAdapt® technology is sensory-based and not map-oriented, Roomba is more exploratory in its methods and thorough in its result.

    Robotic vacuum cleaners that map out a path at the outset and then work their way through that map are vulnerable to perceived barriers, which results in systematic neglect. The robot's sensory approach more accurately discerns solid barriers from soft ones, like couch skirts, valance sheets and curtains. As a result, it cleans under beds and couches.

  • Dual HEPA filters

    Dual HEPA filters

    The Roomba 700 Series captures dust particles as fine as 0.3 microns – limiting the recirculation of fine particles and leaving fresher and healthier air behind.
  • Persistent Pass

    Persistent Pass

    The Roomba 700 Series employs a brush-like, back and forth motion in areas where it senses excessive dirt and debris to focus cleaning effort.
  • Dirt Detect™

    Dirt Detect™

    Dirt Detect™ is a key function within the iAdapt®  system of the Roomba. It means that as Roomba navigates your room it can sense areas of heavier dirt and spend more time on this area until it is thoroughly clean.

    iRobot’s vast experience in developing robots for governments and their agencies, allows us to bring our unique knowledge and expertise into your home. The Paseo Sensor used by Dirt Detect™ actually hears the heavier areas of dirt as Roomba passes over them.

  • Cleans all floor types

    Cleans all floor types

    Most manufacturers have a fixed cleaning head on their vacuum cleaners, meaning they don’t cope well with changes in floor surfaces. They can grind to a halt on rugs or deep carpets, or get stuck on transition areas between floor types.

    Roomba uses a flexible cleaning head that is designed to adjust to all types of flooring and in all sorts of every day environments.

    We continuously test against the competition using the Draft International Standards and our own (much more aggressive) torture tests to ensure Roomba operates to the highest standards.

  • Cleans under furniture

    Cleans under furniture

    Since vacuum cleaning robots tend to clean when the owner isn’t around, it’s important that they can vacuum in hard-to-reach places, like under beds, tables and sofas, without them having to be moved.

    Roomba is only 8cm tall – the lowest on the market - so it can clean under most furniture. Many robots with so-called “Smart” systems can be fooled by cloth skirts around beds and couches so won’t clean under them. Roomba gently pushes them aside, cleans, and comes back out.

  • Onboard scheduling*

    Onboard scheduling*

    Roomba can be scheduled to start cleaning at a time that suits you every day, so you don’t even need to be home for it to clean your floors. You can choose to schedule Roomba up to 7 times a week, at different times each day.

    *On Roomba 555 and above

  • Self-Charging


    Roomba comes with its own Home Base™ charging unit. After every cleaning cycle it will automatically return to its Home Base to recharge and be ready to clean again.
  • Light-touch bumpers

    Light-touch bumpers

    Roomba has an integral light-touch bumper and in-built sensors that scan its surroundings 67 times a second. It knows when it is approaching your furniture, slows down on approach and just gently touches it as it vacuums right up to the edge.
  • Virtual Wall®

    Virtual Wall®

    With the use of a Virtual Wall® barrier, Roomba can be restricted to one room or set up to avoid areas that you choose to be off limits. Combined with Roomba’s soft-touch bumper, you can be assured that your delicate furniture and other items are very well protected from any bumps or scrapes.
  • Cleans multiple rooms*

    Cleans multiple rooms*

    Roomba uses a Virtual Wall® Lighthouse to help it navigate around your home, so it can clean more than one room effectively.

    The Virtual Wall® Lighthouse will restrict Roomba to clean one room thoroughly before guiding it into the next room to do the same.

    This is a great feature for larger homes and if the battery of the Roomba runs low, the Virtual Wall® Lighthouse will guide it back to its charging base to recharge.

    *Standard on Roomba 581.

  • Won’t fall down stairs

    Won’t fall down stairs

    Roomba features an inbuilt system called Cliff Detect™ that means it won’t fall down stairs or other drop-offs.

    And of course, the handy carry-handle means you can easily move Roomba from one level of your home to another.
  • Anti tangle

    Anti tangle

    Roomba was designed very much with real homes in mind. It features in-built escape behaviours so if it passes over electrical cords, cables or rug tassels it is able to free itself, reverse away safely and keep cleaning.

    Not all the competition does the same.