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  • Disposable Or Microfiber Cleaning Cloths
  • Pro-Clean System Cleaning Solutions
  • Dry Mop Mode
  • Damp Mop Mode
  • Floor Types
  • Pro-Clean System
  • Navigation System
  • Compact Size
  • Wall-Following Technology
  • Avoids Stairs And Rugs
  • Soft-Touch Bumper
  • Coverage Area
  • Simple Operation
  • Whisper-Quiet
  • Returns To Where It Started
  • Removable Magnetic Cleaning Pad
  • Rechargeable Battery
  • Faster Charging
  • Pause/Resume Mode
  • Quick Clean Mode
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Disposable Or Microfiber Cleaning Cloths Braava uses either dry or damp disposable cleaning cloths, including Swiffer® brand or Braava’s specially designed microfiber cloths. These microfiber cloths can be reused hundreds of times.
Pro-Clean System Cleaning Solutions Fibers on the reusable Pro-Clean cloth attract and trap dirt, oils and grime from the floor, so you can clean effectively using just water. Mild cleaning solutions can also be used in the reservoir.
Dry Mop Mode When dry mopping, Braava moves in straight lines using dry cleaning cloths to pick up dust, dirt and hair.
Damp Mop Mode For damp mopping, Braava uses a special back-and-forth mopping action and damp cleaning cloths to lift surface dirt and grime off your floors.
Floor Types Braava cleans all hard-surface floors including tile, vinyl, hardwood and laminate.
Pro-Clean System With the Pro-Clean System, a special Reservoir Cleaning Pad dispenses liquid throughout the cleaning cycle, continually refreshing the Pro-Clean microfiber cloth with fresh fluid. The fluid reserve keeps the cloth damp so Braava 380t can damp mop up to 350 square feet in a single cleaning cycle.
Navigation System

NorthStar works like an indoor GPS that helps Braava keep track of where it has been and where it needs to go. The NorthStar Navigation Cube projects a signal that Braava uses to determine its location. As Braava cleans, it builds a map of the area, mapping walls, obstacles and drop-offs as it encounters them. 

Compact Size

Braava can clean under sofas and tables and get into tight areas where other cleaners can’t. 

Wall-Following Technology

Braava cleans dust and dirt right along walls, baseboards and edges. Its square shape allows Braava to clean dirt and dust hiding in corners.

Avoids Stairs And Rugs

Smart sensors, including cliff-detection sensors, help Braava avoid stairs, area rugs and raised transitions to carpets. 

Soft-Touch Bumper Bumper cushions the contact made between Braava and walls, furniture and other objects.
Coverage Area When dry mopping with dry cleaning cloths, Braava 320 can cover up to 800 square feet in a single cleaning cycle. When damp mopping, Braava 320 cleans up to 250 square feet to focus on a smaller area while the cloth is still wet. Braava 380t covers up to 1,000 square feet dry mopping in a single cleaning cycle or up to 2,000 square feet with multiple NorthStar Navigation Cubes. When damp mopping, Braava 380t cleans up to 350 square feet while the cloth is still wet.
Simple Operation

Cleaning cloths are easy to attach and remove with Braava’s removable magnetic multi-purpose cleaning pad. Once a cloth is attached, just set Braava down and press the Sweep button for dry mopping or Mop button for damp mopping.


Braava will clean your floors for you without disrupting your daily activity or sleep. 

Returns To Where It Started

When Braava is done cleaning, it returns to where it started and powers down automatically.

Removable Magnetic Cleaning Pad

Cleaning cloths are easy to attach and remove with Braava’s removable magnetic cleaning pad.

Rechargeable Battery Braava’s rechargeable battery will last up to three hours dry mopping and up to two hours damp mopping. So you can run Braava in several cleaning areas on a single charge. Braava’s battery charges in approximately 10-12 hours.

The rechargeable battery in Braava 380t cleans for up to four hours dry mopping or two and a half hours damp mopping on a single charge. That’s 25% more cleaning time than Braava 320.

Faster Charging

Braava 380t charges in as fast as four hours with the included adapter or in just two hours with the Turbo Charge Cradle.

Pause/Resume Mode

Braava retains a map of its cleaning space so you can replace the cleaning cloth mid-cycle and it won’t miss a spot. 

Quick Clean Mode

Braava 380t can be set to clean only open areas and not perform a perimeter clean so you can cover more ground more quickly.