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For Infantry Troops

Identify roadside bombs and other IEDs...
See and assess dangerous areas from safe standoff distances...
Clear routes for troops on the move...

510 PackBot for Infantry Troops easily adapts to the ever-changing requirements of bomb identification and other life-threatening infantry missions:
  • Explosive Hazard Identification (IEDs / VBIEDs / UXOs)
  • Surveillance / Reconnaissance
  • Route Clearance
iRobot 510 PackBot

Key Features

  • Small Arm Manipulator
  • Enhanced Awareness Payload
  • Camera Arm
Designed for explosive hazard identification and disposal, the Small Arm Manipulator extends 42 inches and has a lifting capacity of 5 pounds through the full range of motion.
The Enhanced Awareness Payload includes a wide-angle drive camera, two-way audio, white and infrared illumination and an extra accessory port.
The Camera Arm automatically follows the gripper on the manipulator, providing real-time video that enables the fast, precise and safe inspection and removal of suspicious objects.