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For Combat Engineers

Clear routes for troops on the move...
Identify, excavate and move IEDs and unexploded ordnance...
Examine suspicious vehicles and packages at vital checkpoints...

510 PackBot for Combat Engineers provides military and civil defense engineers with a single, advanced solution for multiple missions:
  • Route Clearance
  • Checkpoints / Inspections / Explosives Detection
  • Explosive Hazard Identification (IEDs / VBIEDs / UXOs)

Key Features

  • Ordnance Lift System
  • Flipper Tool Bar
Rear-mounted system digs around, moves and carries objects as large as 155 mm shells weighing about 100 pounds.
The expandable toolbar features a customizable suite of combat engineer tools, including wire cutters, a spade, a rake and others, that make it easier to identify and overcome obstacles.