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Defense & Security
Real Challenges. Real Solutions. Real Reasons to Choose iRobot.

With more than 20 years of proven experience, iRobot’s battle-tested robots provide needed assistance, investigation and protection for those in harm’s way. Our growing array of modular, mission- and application-configurable unmanned ground vehicles enter the unknown and deliver valuable real-time intelligence for public safety, military, and HazMat responders worldwide.

Public Safety

Our easy-to-operate tactical robots aid first responders, bomb techs, SWAT teams, state and local police departments and other regional, urban and small city responders who protect and serve the general public. These robots allow those on scene to quickly acquire valuable information and determine the safest response.

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Battle-tested worldwide by military personnel for hazard identification, interrogation and explosive ordnance disposal, our robots’ capabilities help keep warfighters safer. iRobot unmanned ground vehicles have been in service since 2002 and have performed thousands of missions in hard-to-reach, dangerous and live-fire environments.

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Our robots perform standard, special and emergency functions in hazardous situations. They help to keep workers safer by monitoring the environment and ensuring that hazards are properly managed, increasing productivity while reducing operational expenses and limiting direct and indirect exposure to dangerous materials.

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Robot Options - Public Safety
iRobot builds capable robots that place a safer distance between people and danger. Our unmanned ground vehicles reduce risk to personnel, operate downrange - carrying equipment and adapting to their environment - report data and deliver predictive intelligence/ISR.
  • iRobot 110 Firstlook
    110 FirstLook®
    Five-pound throwable robot that provides eyes and ears for quick situational awareness.
  • iRobot 310 SUGV
    310 SUGV
    Lightweight, backpack-portable and easy-to-deploy robot for mobile operations.
  • iRobot 510 Packbot
    510 PackBot®
    Quick-response, battle-tested robot for advanced manipulation, disruption, detection and investigation.
  • iRobot Warrior
    710 KobraTM
    Counter-VBIED robot that lifts up to 330 pounds, reaches up to 11.5 feet high and easily deploys from an SUV or van.
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