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iRobot Research

iRobot performs cutting-edge robotics research, funneling the resulting technologies into iRobot product lines that cover a wide variety of platforms.

iRobot Research 

The Research Group continually develops state-of-the-art robots by:

  • Pursuing R&D opportunities with leading academic research institutions, businesses and other technology innovators
  • Leveraging experience as a systems integrator to put together best-in-class teams of partners from a wide range of technology areas
  • Meeting the advanced needs of sponsors with integrated robotic solutions
  • Providing a direct path to commercialization for innovations resulting from research initiatives

To make our robots smarter, easier to use and more capable, the Research Group focuses on four Core Technology Areas:

Advanced Platforms

Advanced Platforms provide new robotics technologies that transform the ways robots move through the world and interact with their environments.

Human-Robot Interaction

Human-Robot Interaction is a broad area of study covering multiple robot command and control and direct interaction with robots through gesture and speech.

Collaborative Systems

Collaborative systems enable ground, air and underwater robots to work effectively in teams.

Semi-Autonomous Operations

Semi-autonomous operations enable robots to perform tasks with limited human supervision.