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Developers: Aware® 2 Robot Intelligence Software

Third-party development opportunities on iRobot platforms.

The premier deployment grade robot intelligence software

The result of a decade of experience with fielded robot software, Aware 2 is fifth-generation commercial software that utilizes proven industry languages and open source technologies, providing a flexible and open architecture for third-party development. Technically sophisticated and hardware agnostic, Aware 2 is designed to solve the robot development needs of today – and tomorrow.

Aware 2 Robot Intelligence Software is an architecture for developing networked, behavior-based robot applications. Aware 2 reduces risk and speeds your path to product by:

  • Utilizing best-in-class software tools from the open source community as well as custom robot and HMI frameworks developed over two decades of fielding deployment-grade robot software
  • Eliminating all requirements to create low-level software infrastructure – use or create high level capabilities on day one
  • Providing advanced robot development tools such as live data viewers, loggers, web-based data management, and other debugging tools
  • Enabling the portability of capabilities across all of iRobot’s Aware 2 based robot platforms



  • Optimized for deployment grade robots and controllers
  • Stabilized, qualified and documented as a product
  • Extensible and open for future development
  • Create and use high level behaviors and interactions on day one
  • Share robot behaviors and interactions seamlessly
  • Easily troubleshoot, support and extend the software