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Develop new robot payloads, behaviors and capabilities. Get products to facilitate your research and development. Establish a path to product for your technology.

iRobot Third-Party Development is your comprehensive resource for technical development and support. iRobot provides a wide range of information and products to facilitate development on iRobot platforms:

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iRobot platforms feature a digital, modular architecture and multiple payload ports equipped with state-of-the-art electronics, facilitating the fast and easy integration of unlimited types of payloads.

iRobot® Aware® 2 robot intelligence software

iRobot® Aware® 2 robot intelligence software (commercial) uses standard programming languages and open source technologies, providing a flexible and open architecture for third-party development through a rich set of application programming interfaces and utilities. Learn more.

Robot Developers Kit

The Robot Developers Kit, a suite of individually priced hardware and support products, facilitates a broad range of third-party development projects. Learn more.

FLIR Fido® Case Study

The case study about the iRobot® PackBot® with FLIR Fido® Explosives Detection Kit covers a successful third-party development partnership. Learn more.

iRobot Development Platforms

iRobot development platforms are digital, modular and equipped with state-of-the-art electronics for fast and easy payload integration. PDF Icon Learn more.

Third-Party Development Brochure

The Third-Party Development Brochure provides in-depth details about third-party development products and services. PDF Icon View the PDF