• Operation:
    • How to Set the Clock
    • How to Set or Change a Schedule
    • How to Delete a Schedule
    • How To Set The Language
    • How To Charge The Battery
    • How to Select Cleaning Mode
    • How to Install Batteries in Virtual Wall
    • How To Remove And Install Battery
  • Parts & Accessories:
    • How to use a Virtual Wall Halo
    • How to use a Virtual Wall Lighthouse
    • How to use an Auto Virtual Wall
    • How to use the Home Base
    • How to use the Remote Control
    • How to use the Wireless Command Center
    • Setting Up the Dual Mode Virtual Wall in Virtual Wall Mode
    • Setting Up the Dual Mode Virtual Wall in Halo Mode
  • Robot Maintenance:
    • How to Clean Extractors
    • How to Empty Bin and Clean Filter
    • How to Clean Front Caster Wheel
    • How to Clean Sensors
    • How to Clean Side Brush

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