Bin Release
Cliff Sensors
Contact Points for Home Base
Left Side Wheel Module
Removable Caster Wheel
Spinning Side Brush
Tangle-Free AeroForce® Extractors
Bottom View
Filter Door Release Tab
Filter Door
Sensor Ports
Dust Bin
CLEAN/Power Button
Dirt Detect
Dock Button
Spot Clean
Troubleshooting Light
Roomba 800 Interface

List of Roomba Terminology:

  • Bin Release:
    Press down firmly and pull to remove the bin.
  • Bumper:
    The soft-touch bumper cushions the contact between Roomba and your furniture.
  • Handle:
    A recessed carrying handle for easy one-handed transport room-to-room or between floors.
  • RCON:
    Roomba uses the RCON to sense the presence of Virtual Walls, Lighthouses, and dock and embark on specific behaviors.
  • Cliff Sensors:
    To ensure mobility be sure to wipe clean Roomba's cliff sensors weekly.
  • Contact Points for Home Base:
    Roomba uses its contact points to deliver charge to its battery. Be sure to wipe clean the contact points weekly.
  • Left Side Wheel Module:
    If mobility is impared lift and inspect Roomba's wheel modules for debris or entanglements.
  • Removable Caster Wheel:
    Clean Roomba's caster wheel weekly.
  • Spinning Side Brush:
    Cleans along wall edges and into corners. Easy to remove with a simple coin or similar household item.
  • Tangle-Free AeroForce® Extractors:
    Dual counter-rotating extractors incorporate durable rubber treads that grab dirt and debris from any floor type.
  • Filter Door Release Tab:
    Ensure the release tab is closed flush.
  • Filter Door:
    Push in and pull up the filter door release tab.
  • Filter:
    Maintain Roomba's peformance by tapping the filter clean after each use. Replace the filter every two months.
  • Sensor Ports:
    Roomba's optical sensor ports will become clouded with frequent use. Be sure to wipe clean weekly.
  • Anti-Tangle:
    The Anti-Tangle Indicator turns on while Roomba is freeing itself from a tangle.
  • CLEAN/Power Button:
    Press CLEAN once to turn on Roomba. Press CLEAN again to start a cleaning cycle. To pause while cleaning, press CLEAN. To resume, press CLEAN. To turn off, press and hold the CLEAN button until the lights turn off.
  • Dirt Detect:
    The Dirt Detect indicator flashes when dirt is detected and Persistent Pass cleaning pattern is initiated.
  • Dock Button:
    This button will send Roomba back to the Home Base.
  • Spot Clean:
    Roomba will spiral approximately 3 feet in diameter and then spiral back to where it started.
  • Troubleshooting Light:
    The Troubleshooting Light blinks when there is an issue.

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