Principal Investigator:
Dr. Brian Yamauchi, Lead Roboticist



The Dynamo Project is funded by the DARPA Defense Sciences Office (DSO) as part of the Maximum Mobility and Manipulation (M3) Program.  Dynamo addresses two high-priority needs expressed by the warfighter:

The Need for Speed

The Need for Rough Terrain Mobility

The scientific goal of the Dynamo Project is to:

The application goal of the Dynamo Project is to:

We have developed a new, online, real-time learning algorithm that we call Dynamic Threshold Learning (DTL) that allows robots to quickly learn the non-linear transitions between different control regimes.  For example, DTL can learn the steering and acceleration inputs that may cause a wheeled vehicle to lose control during aggressive maneuvers.  A DTL-enabled controller can then intervene to prevent the driver from losing control.  Likewise, DTL can learn the pitch and roll conditions that indicate a tracked vehicle is about to roll over in rough terrain.  A DTL-enabled controller can then modulate the vehicle commands to prevent the vehicle from rolling over.