California Human Trafficking in the Supply Chain Disclosure — CA SB 657

iRobot is pleased to share our guiding principles and the work we do to ensure the integrity and dignity of those who make the products that help consumers worldwide experience the promise of technology in their lives.

iRobot expects its contract manufacturing partners and direct key suppliers to maintain fundamental labor and human rights standards. We incorporate certain standards in manufacturing agreements indicating that the partner will not use any form of forced labor (including prison labor) or child labor, in addition to meeting all minimum wage, living condition, working condition or other applicable local laws.

Annually our internal audit team and on a regular basis our manufacturing oversight team visit our contract manufacturers in the United States and China where no violations of standards have been observed. Audits are announced and scheduled and the results of such audits are reported to the Audit Committee of the Board of Directors. We do not audit directly our component suppliers.

Finally, we maintain standards for all of our employees in our Code of Business Conduct & Ethics. All employees receive periodic training on the Code of Business Conduct & Ethics. Failure by an employee to follow the standards set forth in the Code of Business Conduct & Ethics may subject such employee to disciplinary action up to and including termination of employment. ^