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The Braava® Family of Mopping Robots

Cleaner floors. Fresher home. Every day.

Learn how our mopping robots can be used throughout your home. No matter the floor type, no matter the room size, there’s a mopping robot that fits your hard floor cleaning needs.

New Braava jet

Cleans up to 200 square feet in damp/dry mode, up to 150 square feet in wet mode1

Braava® 300 Series

Cleans up to 1,000 square feet in sweep mode, up to 350 square feet in mop mode2

Kitchens and Bathrooms

Braava jet Mopping Robot

The mopping robot for kitchens, bathrooms, and other small areas.

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Large Spaces

Braava® 300 Series Mopping Robot

The mopping robot for multiple rooms and large spaces2.

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Find the Braava That Works For You

Compare different models to find the one that suits your needs.

Features Braava jet®
Braava jet™
Braava 300 Series®
Braava® 300 Series
Coverage: Sweeping Sweeps with double-pass or single-pass cleaning motion 200 sq ft1 1,000 sq ft2
Coverage: Mopping Mops with triple-pass cleaning motion 150 sq ft1 350 sq ft2
Navigation Seamlessly navigates to clean floors thoroughly iAdapt® 2.0 iAdapt® 2.0 with Navigation Cube
Cleaning Modes Range of cleaning modes available from Mop through Sweep 3 (Wet Mop, Damp Sweep, Dry Sweep) 2 (Mop, Sweep)
Cleaning Behavior Cleans differently for mopping or sweeping Automatically chosen by pad Manually choose MOP or SWEEP
Washable Pads Washable, reusable pad options available Yes Yes
Disposable Pads Works with disposable pads of different types Yes Works with Other Brands
Additional Cleaning Features Optimizes cleaning for kitchens and bathrooms, or for larger spaces Precision Jet Spray & Vibrating Cleaning Head Pro-Clean System
Triple Pass Mopping Triple-pass movements mop as you would Yes Yes
Pause & Resume Can pause and it remembers where it's already cleaned No Yes
Cliff Detect Won't topple down stairs Yes Yes
Returns to Starting Point Automatically returns home and shuts itself off Yes Yes
  • 1   Total floor space covered, tested in iRobot's Home Test Lab on hard floors.
  • 2   Room size covered for a moderately furnished room. Tested in iRobot's Home Test Lab on hard floors. Additional NorthStar® Cubes may be required. ^