iRobot’s Defense & Security organization to form a new robotics company focused entirely on the needs of defense, public safety and industrial markets.

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Real Challenges – Real Robots – Which Robot is Right for You?

iRobot's battle-tested robots enter the unknown and provide valuable and predictive intelligence. Our robots:
  • Reduce risk to personnel
  • Operate downrange, carrying equipment and adapt to their environment
  • Report data and keep operators out of harm’s way
  • Range in size from 5 lbs to nearly 500 lbs
Which robot is right for you?
Please provide our staff information so we may better understand what you would like to accomplish with our unmanned ground robots. We will respond as quickly as we are able and work with you to learn about and identify a robot that matches your needs.
Your Needs
How would you describe your mission area?

Example: My regional tactical response team is on-call for emergency response and hazardous material spills. We need to identify hazardous materials and determine the level of risk to surrounding neighborhoods and communities.
Please provide some specifics about yourself
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