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Develop new robot payloads, behaviors and capabilities. Get products to facilitate your research and development. Establish a path to product for your technology.

iRobot Third-Party Development is your comprehensive resource for technical development and support. iRobot provides a wide range of information and products to facilitate development on iRobot platforms:

iRobot platforms feature a digital, modular architecture and multiple payload ports equipped with state-of-the-art electronics, facilitating the fast and easy integration of unlimited types of payloads.

iRobot® Aware® 2 robot intelligence software

iRobot® Aware® 2 robot intelligence software (commercial) uses standard programming languages and open source technologies, providing a flexible and open architecture for third-party development through a rich set of application programming interfaces and utilities. 

The result of a decade of experience with fielded robot software, Aware 2 is fifth-generation commercial software that utilizes proven industry languages and open source technologies, providing a flexible and open architecture for third-party development. Technically sophisticated and hardware agnostic, Aware 2 is designed to solve the robot development needs of today – and tomorrow.

Aware 2 Robot Intelligence Software is an architecture for developing networked, behavior-based robot applications. Aware 2 reduces risk and speeds your path to product by:

  • Utilizing best-in-class software tools from the open source community as well as custom robot and HMI frameworks developed over two decades of fielding deployment-grade robot software
  • Eliminating all requirements to create low-level software infrastructure – use or create high level capabilities on day one
  • Providing advanced robot development tools such as live data viewers, loggers, web-based data management, and other debugging tools
  • Enabling the portability of capabilities across all of iRobot’s Aware 2 based robot platforms


Robot Developers Kit

The Robot Developers Kit, a suite of individually priced hardware and support products, facilitates a broad range of third-party development projects.

Your Resource For Collaborative Development

The Robot Developers Kit is a suite of individually priced hardware and support products designed to facilitate a broad range of third-party development projects.

Developer Support Package

This package provides iRobot engineering support to facilitate your development on iRobot platforms. Your designated iRobot Support Engineer is available to help resolve developer and technology integration questions. A Developer Support Package includes a block of engineering support time, documentation, robot models and interface descriptions. Developer support is available for both hardware and software issues; Aware® 2 developers also require an appropriate software license.

Hardware & Software

iRobot Third-Party Developer hardware is designed to speed up payload development on the iRobot® PackBot®.

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Third-Party Development Brochure

The Third-Party Development Brochure provides in-depth details about third-party development products and services. PDF Icon View the PDF ^