iRobot’s Defense & Security organization to form a new robotics company focused entirely on the needs of defense, public safety and industrial markets.

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Defense & Security

Assistance, intelligence and protection for those in harm’s way.

Our battle-tested robots, controlled by the uPoint™ Multi-Robot Control System, provide increased protection, productivity and mission effectiveness for public safety, military, HazMat responders and industrial applications worldwide.

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Service & Support

Your Mission is Critical to Us

iRobot's team of Field Support Engineers (FSEs) is our front-line with you. They have the knowledge and tools needed to ensure your robot is mission ready.

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Robot Options - Public Safety
iRobot builds capable robots that place a safer distance between people and danger. Our unmanned ground vehicles reduce risk to personnel, operate downrange, report data and deliver predictive intelligence/ISR.


  • iRobot 110 Firstlook
    110 FirstLook®
    Five-pound throwable robot that provides eyes and ears for quick situational awareness.
  • iRobot 310 SUGV
    310 SUGV
    Lightweight, backpack-portable and easy-to-deploy robot for mobile operations.
  • iRobot 510 Packbot
    510 PackBot®
    Quick-response, battle-tested robot for advanced manipulation, disruption, detection and investigation.
  • iRobot Warrior
    710 Kobra™
    Counter-VBIED robot that lifts up to 330 pounds, reaches up to 11.5 feet high and easily deploys from an SUV or van.
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