iRobot’s newest machine is made for student hackers
"iRobot thinks it can reach that happy balance with its new Create 2 robot. It's effectively a Roomba 600 series vacuum turned into a hacker's paradise. Instead of the usual cleaning equipment, you'll find easily accessible, clearly marked spaces that practically beg for add-on hardware (like cameras and arms) and cosmetic modifications."
— Engadget - Jon Fingas
iRobot announces Create 2: An updated, hackable Roomba
"In 2007, iRobot came out with the Create, a vacuumless 400-series Roomba specifically designed to be used as a hackable mobile base. However, 2007 is a long, long time ago, especially at the pace of robot development, and the original Create was a more or less obsolete platform half a decade past. It’s not like iRobot wasn’t aware of this, and today, they’ve stepped up by announcing a brand new version of the Create, along with a renewed commitment to STEM and robotics education."
— IEEE Spectrum - Evan Ackerman
Announcing this year’s 50 on Fire Winners
This fall, BostInno covered the year's groundbreaking innovators across nine industries. In September, nominations were reviewed and 150 hot finalists were announced. iRobot, winner of 50 on Fire in the Technology category appears min 6:44 in the video displaying the company logo.
— Bostlnno - Maggie Kolb
Manny the Frenchie, dog show’s Mr. Popular
Owning the distinction of the most followed bulldog on social media, Manny the Frenchie has a following and funny disposition that makes him a well-like pup.
— NBC Sports
Inexpensive, durable plastic hands let robots get a grip
To develop a robotic gripper that can handle objects large and small, researchers at Harvard, Yale, and iRobot abandoned the familiar human hand, aiming to re-create its functions with a simpler design.
— IEEE Spectrum - Robert Howe
Holiday Gift Guide
The Roomba 880 was shown on the front page of its 2014 Holiday Gift Guide as part of a dinner table with other notable products. It was then shown in fake snow as part of the “Things You Didn’t Know you Needed” section. Engadget notes, “who doesn’t want a robot to take over the household chores? With its Roomba 880, iRobot swapped out the prior unit’s bristles for easy-to-clean rubber rollers so cleaning your floors is less of a hassle. It’s the ultimate in cool and convenience.”
— Engadget
Believe the IoT hype or perish: Equipping today’s graduates for tomorrow’s tech
Throughout the conference, there were many great demonstrations of robotics in action, real-time and simulated data. One of my personal favorites, and a hit with other conference guests, was iRobot Ava 500 with Cisco TelePresence, a video collaboration robot used by a conference participant who was physically in Germany.
— Wired - Peter Hirst
Roomba vs. Battle Axe
We trust them to clean our floors, but how do they stack up against a battle axe? Angry Nerd dared us to test the vacuuming robot Roomba—see what happens when we put it through a destruction test of Viking proportions.
— Wired
Funny Video: Princess Jasmine cat ride Roomba, wins at Halloween
Continuing her Roomba-riding legacy – we couldn't forget her shark costume, which changed the game for vacuum-loving pets everywhere – our new Princess Jasmine is a sassy cat taking in the unbelievable sights from her favorite method of transportation.
— People - Alison Schwartz
Your grandpa’s robot helper is on the way
A rapidly expanding elderly population could also necessitate other forms of home-assistance technology. “God help us if we don’t figure it out,” Colin Angle, said during RoboBusiness, held in Boston this month. “Because over the next 20 years the ratio of people over the age of 65 to the number of people under 65 is going to change rather dramatically.”
— MIT Technology Review - Will Knight
Caring for relatives by robot
The days of extended independent living, where a robot could allow you to have a quasi-physical presence with a distant relative, talk to them, perform chores for them and possibly even have physical contact with them, is around the corner. “I spent some time talking to Youssef Saleh, Sr. Vice President and General Manager of the Remote Presence Business Unit for iRobot Corporation recently announced their Ava 500 video collaboration robot.”
— Forbes - Neil Kane
iRobot CEO Colin Angle on Google, drones and robots for grandma
On Thursday I got to sit down with iRobot CEO Colin Angle after his keynote at the RoboBusiness conference in Boston, and along with hearing about the future of his Bedford company—maker of the famous Roomba vacuum—I hoped he'd be willing to openly discuss some of the new robotics frontiers in the headlines.
— Bostlnno - Kyle Alspach
Internet of things world forum: Reporter meets robot
Ava wasn’t here for fun, so Youssef Saleh walked up behind me. He’s senior VP and general manager, remote presence, for iRobot, the company that makes her, and he started giving me the particulars. iRobot, the maker of Roomba, the disc-shaped robotic vacuum cleaner that scurries across the floor, launched Ava in 2013 and started selling her this year, Saleh said.
— Chicago Tribune - John Carpenter
Tech that’s revolutionizing your daily chores
The Roomba is useful for more than just creating smash YouTube videos with your cat or periodic cameos on Breaking Bad — it also means you'll never have to spend hours sweeping and vacuuming again.
— Mashable - Stephanie Walden
iRobot uPoint turns military robot control into tablet play
Controlling these $100,000-plus robots takes a lot of patience and training, but that’s all about to change. “It’s so easy to use anyone can do it – even this reporter.”
— Mashable - Lance Ulanoff
iRobot makes robotics controls easier for the Average Joe
Instead of different kinds of controls for different robots, the company on Thursday unveiled a new controller system -- an app called uPoint Multi-Robot Control that allows someone to operate multiple robots from a tablet touch screen.
— CNET - Ben Fox Rubin
2 Mass. teens head to national science fair
Using an iRobot Create system as a base — a non-vacuuming, customizable version of the self-maneuvering Roomba — along with a laptop, software, and a Microsoft Kinect video game console, Giedraitis created a robot that can navigate a room and detect changes as obstacles are added and taken away, avoiding them on its own power. His work was awarded a first-place prize at the state science fair.
— The Boston Globe - Kiera Blessing
New iRobot app lets you control a ‘bot army with an Android tablet
Touchscreen navigation makes these complex robots surprisingly simple to operate, but the new uPoint system also adds new capabilities to existing setups. According to iRobot, multiple people can watch live video streams or view sensor data from robots in several locations.
— Wired - Tim Moynihan
Tired of tedious tasks? Meet the smarter home
Robotic vacuums have come a long way since they were first introduced, so much so that owning one will benefit just about anyone. If you let the iRobot Roomba 650 – arguably the best all-round robot at the moment – run along your floor a few times a week while you’re away at work, you can leave your clumsy vacuum in the closet for several weeks while the ’bot snags dust and crumbs before they can collect into an embarrassing mess.
— The Wall Street Journal - Alexander George
The day we brought our robot home
“What we didn’t expect, however, was the depth to which we would try and make our new iRobot Braava human, or at least human-ish, by giving it identifiable characteristics. It wasn’t so much that we had simply bought a piece of technology, it was like we had adopted a “something” and that that “something” had a relationship with us.”
— The Atlantic - Lydia Pyne
Small unmanned systems find growing security role
"Industry leader iRobot has developed tools that will climb stairs and lift up to 15 pounds, serving as forward-looking assets in urban situations where elevators have gone out. “Those sensors have gotten smaller; the interfaces have gotten easier to integrate. We don’t need a really large platform anymore to have a whole host of sensors,” said Tom Phelps, director of robotics products for iRobot North America."
— Federal Times - Adam Stone
Build Tomorrow: Bomb-Sniffing Robot
"Technology is advancing so quickly, it seems that every steep challenge has a surprising solution. Here, CNN innovation correspondent Rachel Crane takes a look at eight big ideas making life better every day."
— CNN - Rachel Crane
ColorWare partners with iRobot to deliver one colorful Roomba 800
“There is no need to worry about chipping or peeling, so far the Roomba 800 has been able to handle loads of pet hair and the occasional smack into some wood molding. The paint job has remained unscathed.”
— Chip Chick
Robot Wars: Parrot AR.Drone 2.0 vs. Roomba 650
"Robots have taken over, indoors and out. Here we pit two of the most popular household bots—drones and Roombas—against each other. Are you ready to Roomba?"
— Fortune - Robert Hackett
Never mop your floors again
"The Scooba 450 is their newest product, which launched this year as an update to earlier versions. It’s the only robot on the market that scrubs floors. The Scooba 450 is breaking new ground in the home cleaning department."
— Gear Patrol - Jeremy Berger
Demo: High-end household gadgets
"Adam Housley tests out gear for your cooking, cleaning needs. Roomba 880 demoed as the only household cleaning gadget."
— Fox News - Adam Housley
Canadian defense department awards $9.6m in contracts to iRobot
"Bedford’s iRobot Corp. said Monday that it has been awarded a contract from the Canadian Department of National Defense for robots designed to detect chemical, biological, radiological, and nuclear threats. The contract calls for 20 of the company’s 510 PackBot robots to be delivered by April."
— Boston Globe - Chris Reidy
The most expensive mop in the world
In-depth look at the Scooba 450, "there are a small handle of robots on the market that offer to mop up your muck of the Scooba 450 may be the most diligent of the bunch."
7 college dorm design ideas
"Rather than let your kid live in filth, you can spring for a Roomba or Braava. These little cleaning bots will make sure the cleaning is done on schedule, without taking time away from studying."
— Fox News - Adam Verwymeren
RP-VITA robot extends specialized medical care
"iRobot is a leader in delivering robotic technology-based solutions. InTouch Health describes itself as the leader in acute-care technologies including high-acuity consults where immediate clinical action is required. Combined, they allow for patient-physician interactions from almost any location."
— MedTech Boston - Aine Cryts
A look inside iRobot’s futuristic robot empire
“We recently took a trip to iRobot’s headquarters in Bedford, Massachusetts, to talk about what’s in store for iRobot and the robotics industry as a whole. Along the way, we also got to play with some pretty cool tech.”
— Reviewed.com - Tyler Wells Lynch
iRobot: From R2-D2 to practical robots
“The piece is about how iRobot brought machines to clean houses, defuse bombs and diagnose patients. The article is comprised of Q&A with all three founders and features a picture gallery of past and present iRobot products.”
— Fortune - Dinah Eng
Let’s get ready to Roomba: iRobot’s Roomba 880, reviewed
In a very positive review of the Roomba 800 series, Popular Mechanics digs into the engineering success behind iRobot’s latest innovation. “First off, kudos to iRobot for rethinking how vacuums clean in the first place. The new AeroForce Performance Cleaning system replaces bristles—so often clogged with tangled hair on earlier models—with two brushless counter-rotating extractors that are engineered to focus the airflow between them and enhance the 880's suction power by up to 50%.”
— Popular Mechanics - Heidi David
6 smart robots taking over the world
“The Scooba is three times more powerful. The brushes spin at 600RPMs compared to the 200RPMs of the last model.”
— Fox News - John Brandon
iRobot Mirra 530 pool cleaner review
Overall positive review of the Mirra 530, “simple to use and a great cleaner.”
— Charles & Hudson - Sal Vaglica
Meet the robot that made me want more robots
“You’d have thought a new family member had arrived the way my family took photos and notified relatives and friends. It was kind of a big deal—more so than I thought it would be—handing off an item of our collective chore list to an automaton.”
— ReadWrite - Chris McConnell
iRobot: Smart homes should have one brainy bot to run the show
“Forget about smart lights and other connected devices when you imagine a truly futuristic home. iRobot CEO says future homes won’t have to smart, they just need one super-bot that is.”
— CNET - Brian Bennett
Cameras, robots and GPS: Small tech firms seek World Cup boost
Tim Trainer, the vice president of robotic products for Bedford, Massachusetts-based iRobot Corp., said an event like the World Cup is also an opportunity to branch out into new business categories.
— The Wall Street Journal - Will Connors
Looking to the future of police robotics
“The use of robotics in police work requires an integration of policy, infrastructure and common sense.”
— Police One - Lindsey Bertomen
The best tech to buy the non-techie in your life
Roomba listed as a gift to buy the non-techie in your life.
— USA Today - Marc Saltzman
The most important people working in robotics today
Colin Angle named one of the most important people in robotics.
— Business Insider - Dylan Love
iRobot Develops New Breed of Telepresence Robot
The Boston Globe recognizes 56 leaders in Massachusetts that have become game changers, featuring iRobot and the Ava 500.
— The Boston Globe - Scott Kirsner
Robots enhance World Cup security
"iRobot Corporation CEO Colin Angle explains how PackBots are working to enhance safety at World Cup venues."
iRobot Roomba 880 Review
Extensive Roomba 880 review awarded 4/5 stars. Easy setup, superior cleaning performance, and large dustbin are some of the highs from the review.
— Digital Trends - Drew Prindle
Minefield Robots and Other Crazy Tech Additions to This Year’s World Cup
A review of the different technologies being utilized in this year’s World Cup, including the PackBot. “Instead of clearing bunkers and crossing minefields in Afghanistan and Iraq, 30 iRobot 510 PackBots will check suspicious packages and provide extra surveillance at the dozen World Cup venues.”
— Wired - Alexandra Chang
Gadget Rewind 2004: iRobot Roomba Discovery
A look at the history of the Roomba and Scooba over the past 12 years.
— Engadget - Jon Turi
iRobot Cracked Open A Huge Market By Ignoring Everything People Thought About Robots
In an interview with CEO Colin Angle Business Insider looks towards the future of both iRobot and the robotics industry as a whole.
— Business Insider - Dylan Love
So, where are my robot servants?
In an article that asks the question of what it will take to put true robotic helpers and companions in the home, CEO Colin Angle is quoted saying, “While a computer program is pure software, some robot apps will be a combination of software and hardware…These apps will include not only software but maybe also files that people can use in their 3-D printers to make parts at home.”
— IEEE Spectrum - Erico Guizzo
Disarming Danger
The channel 13 news team investigates a hazardous device school found in Alabama, highlighting how PackBot is one of the most essential tools used in every single scenario, providing hands on exposure to each bomb technician.
— NBC 13 Investigates
Live like 'The Jetsons' with these Household robots
A review of robotic applications in the home and outdoor. iRobot features including the Roomba, Braava, Mirra, and Looj are featured in the story.
— NBC News - Devin Coldewey
Defense tech in 2039: The robots are coming
iRobot may be known for its Roomba vacuum, but it has a growing armory of defense and security robots. Tim Trainer demonstrated some of the robots at the company headquarters in Bedford, Mass., and he "sees a future where one person can control multiple machines operating on a single software system without having to constantly monitor them."
— CNBC - Jane Wells
iRobot Scooba 450
"It's no small investment, but the iRobot Scooba 450 is a very effective way to keep your floors sparkling without reaching for a mop and bucket."
— PC Mag - Alex Colon
iRobot Braava 320
"The iRobot Braava 320 is an intelligent and effective mop and broom for the time-pressed homeowner or apartment-dweller who's tired of doing the work by hand."
— PC Mag - Alex Colon, Lance Ulanoff
Robotic futures: The rise of the hospital Robot
When looking at the future of robots in the health field, BBC interviews Colin Angle RP-VITA.
— BBC - Richard Taylor
Robots on patrol are keeping sports fans safer
A look at the iRobot FirstLook and PackBot during the one year anniversary of the Boston Bombing, as they will be used in future events such as the World Cup, Olympics, and this year’s Boston Marathon. There was also a radio interview with Tim Trainer that was included with this article that ran nationally on NPR.
— PRI - Jason Margolis
I, robot employee
“Sadly, our modern-day work culture continues to discriminate against pants-less, non-present couch enthusiasts. But don't despair — I have seen the future, and it's on a sofa wearing shorts…iRobot has created — and some companies have begun using — the Ava 500. It looks like a sleek, round-based pedestal with a rectangular high-definition screen mounted on its wide neck.”
— Chicago Tribue - Rex Huppke
Three Questions for iRobot's CTO Paolo Pirjanian
"Most housework is still far beyond the capabilities of any robot on the market. Engineers in iRobot’s R&D labs are hoping to change that by developing technology to enable robots to understand and interact with their environment. The company’s chief technology officer, Paolo Pirjanian, met with MIT Technology Review’s Tom Simonite last week to explain."
— MIT Technology Review - Tom Simonite
The robo-race is on for the housecleaning crown
A review of the latest robotic vacuum cleaner coming from iRobot: the Roomba 880. The article takes a look at the smaller, more practical remote that comes with the robot as well as the AeroForce Cleaning System that replaces the brushes in normal vacuums with extractors that in their tests "did a terrific job".
— CNET - Rich Brown
The Company That Makes Cute Vacuums Also Makes Robots Used In Some Of The World's Most Dangerous Places
"For the past 10 years, a company called iRobot has changed the way we think about vacuum cleaners. But there's another part of the business that not a lot of people know about: It builds security and defense robots for the police and military. These robots have been used everywhere from Afghanistan at the height of the war, to Japan after the catastrophic failure of the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant."
— Business Insider - Dylan Love
Gear: Keep a vacation rental home clean by unleashing a mopping robot
"Whether you’ve tracked in snow, mud, dirt or sand, there’s no reason you should trouble yourself with scrubbing the floors of your weekend getaway or vacation rental. Just let loose the new Scooba 450, a little robot floor mopper from the same folks who created the popular do-it-itself iRobot Roomba carpet vacuum."
— LA Times - Judi Dash
Robotic futures: Telepresence your way into work
"'Telepresence' is fast gaining traction in the workplace as videoconferencing and other technological tools become ever more sophisticated. Today users can remotely control tablets on robotic wheels around their environment." A look at the newly released Ava 500.
— BBC - Richard Taylor
The secret military tech inside household robot vacuum cleaner
CNN visits iRobot for a round of demonstrations and executive interviews. iRobot robots are featured as innovative and forward-thinking. This online article features text of interview with Colin Angle about how he started working with robots and how iRobot was started.
— CNN - Nick Glass
More Dreaded Chores Outsourced to Robots (They Do Windows)
A look at iRobot’s Home robots and how they have completely revolutionized the way people see robotics. CEO Colin Angle even mentioned that “When the first Roomba rolled off the assembly line in 2002, the idea was so new that consumers argued that it wasn’t a robot at all.”
— The New York Times - Roxie Hammill and Mike Hendricks
1:1 Youssef Saleh, SVP/GM Remote Presence Unit, iRobot Corporation
An interview with Youssef Saleh to take a look at the newly released Ava 500: "The Ava 500 is very easy to use because of its autonomous navigation capabilities, and is deployed as part of an enterprise-class solution, meaning it is secure, reliable, scalable, and interoperable with existing telepresence infrastructures. The result is that users get the “better than being there” benefits of telepresence with a true physical presence and complete freedom of movement. It’s like having a seat at the table." Article starts on page 8.
— Wainhouse Research - Andrew W. Davis
Tech to make spring cleaning a snap
"With the recent addition of the Roomba 880 to its line of products, iRobot has introduced a new top-of-the-line robo-vacuum that redesigns many elements of the beloved bot. To boost sucking power by five times and eliminate the need to untangle hair from the brushes, the company has upgraded the underside with a new brushless system."
— Fox News - Adam Verwymeren
Roomba creator: Robot doubles need more charisma
In an interview with CEO Colin Angle, New Scientist looks at the effects of having an in-home robot can have on someone.
— New Scientist - Celeste Biever
After space exploration and war, robots are ready for their biggest challenge: Conquering the home
"Colin Angle's presentation comes across as an unexpected combination of a TED talk on the future of robotics and a paean to the virtues of scrubbing your kitchen floor more regularly. That's because Angle, the CEO of iRobot - maker of the Roomba robot vacuum cleaner - knows that while talk of artificial intelligence is fascinating to some, his devices will only sell if he can convince the average consumer that bots will do a better job of cleaning up than they could themselves."
— Tech Republic - Steve Ranger
iRobot Ava 500 Telepresence Robot Could Save Time, Cut Travel Costs
"What's happened is that iRobot has linked its experience with autonomous robots with Cisco's telepresence videoconference system, making a robot that can find its way around an office on its own, and interact with others as if the person who is using it were actually there. In a sense, that's because they actually are there."
— eWeek - Wayne Rash
iRobot's Ava 500 Will Attend Your Meetings For You
"The Ava 500 is virtual collaboration gadget from iRobot you can use to make your presence felt. The biggest elements in favor of telepresence robots are the freedom of movement, spontaneity and physical presence, says Youssef Saleh, senior vice president and general manager of iRobots Remote Presence business unit. Instead of being a video on the wall or a voice on the phone, you get a real presence in the room."
— The Wall Street Journal - Priya Ganapati
Investors Cheer New Product From iRobot
"Shares of iRobot gained more than 7% Monday, after the Bedford company announced its newest video collaboration robot is ready for delivery. The autonomous robot, called the Ava 500, uses a combination of mobility and video-conferencing to meet people anywhere in a building, whether it’s an office, a hallway or the production floor."
— CBS Boston - Anthony Silva
Washing The Floor Is No Fun So I Had This Robot Do It For Me
"iRobot is perhaps most famous for its line of Roomba house-vacuuming robots. But the company also has an excellent Scooba series of robots that wash your floor with detergent and water."
— Business Insider - Dylan Love
Why Boston has become the latest Technical Hub
In a clip from the feature piece on Boston becoming the next Silicon Valley, CEO Colin Angle is interviewed as to why he decided to base iRobot’s HQ in the Greater Boston Area.
— BBC World - Richard Taylor
Boot up: iPhone blood pressure, new sucking bots, bitcoin implosion, and more
"At first glance, the Roomba 880 and Scooba 450 that iRobot CEO Colin Angle gave El Reg a sneak preview of appeared pretty much the same models. However, there are significant changes in just about every respect but you'll have to flip them over and take them apart to see where all the work has been done."
— The Guardian - Bob Dorman
American robots set to help police 2014 World Cup
"That's right folks, iRobot, a Bedford, Massachusetts-based company, will supply 30 "Packbots" to the Brazilian government in a $7.2 million deal, according to Robohub, as security is high on the agenda ahead of this summer's World Cup."
— NBC Online - Joe Prince-Wright
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