Research & Development

Investing in Robotic Technology and Products to Build Better Robots

A better robot lives in our world by moving around its environment more intelligently, by cooperating with the people it serves more compellingly, and by physically interacting with its surroundings more effectively.


All mobile robots must navigate through their environment. Some do it simply by reacting to encounters with obstacles. Others use more sophisticated means that make use of maps to plan out paths, track their travel, and determine their location in the environment. Robots operate in complex, real-world environments that are ever-changing. Intelligent navigation is what will empower robots to operate with even more efficiency and purposeful intent.

Cloud Robotics

Connectivity and cloud services are important because they can leverage additional computational resources and capabilities. Cloud Robotics refers to cloud-based shared services that solve robotic challenges and enhance robots’ capabilities. By using the power of off-board computing and storage, it is possible to develop algorithms that aid with object recognition, post-process and store large maps, and share data/maps between multiple robots operating in the same environment.


Manipulation means physically interacting with the world to move or control objects. It is ultimately what sets robots apart from any other technology. It includes, but is not limited to, arms, hands, and jamming balloons. Low-cost, safe manipulation technology will enable us to pursue applications that are currently not viable and will unlock value in other markets.