Be a Tech Futurist

Help shape the next generation of robotics for the home

A place where your work comes to life

No matter if you are an intern or a guru, we believe that the next big idea can come from anyone. And what really gets us pumped up is seeing those ideas come to life in homes across the world.

Hear what our tech futurists have to say.

“We are able to provide useful products to customers that make a difference in their lives”
– John, Principal Software Engineer

“It’s fun to take the idea of controlling robots using mobile devices and the internet of things allows people to get more done”
– Ken, Principal Software Engineer

“I look around me and I just see all these rock stars in their field.”
– Evelyn, Senior Project Manager

“My 10% time to explore my interests and ideas really shows iRobot has a pure passion for innovation and robotics and it encourages the engineers to try new things and take risks.”
– Jake, Technical Director & Architect

Ambitious Thinking

I’m taking the very cutting edge technology of my field, which is often stuff that people have published academic papers about, and making it something that is robust and that can work in a million homes.

- Emily, Software Engineer

Cool Products

I get to work with robots all day, every day. Robots passing in the hallways, robots driving by my cube. It’s fun!

- John, Principal Software Engineer

Redefining Robotics

Robotics is unique because you can see your stuff come to life.

- Jake, Technical Director & Architect

Accomplish More

Working at iRobot, I get to work on things I dreamt about as a kid like the Tek in Star Trek.

- Ken, Principal Software Engineer